Geranium Oil, 100% Indian
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Geranium Oil, 100% Indian

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Geranium Oil is extracted from the plant called Pelargonium odorantissimum. It has a strong floral aroma. It is used as an essential component of aroma therapy. Geranium Essential Oil is used as a mosquito repellent. Natural Geranium Oil is very essential in treating ulcers, ringworm, breast engorgement etc. We are among the leading Geranium Oil Exporters from India who supplies products to different countries. Our products have a very good position in the market owing to its purity and quality.

Appearance                      Fluid liquid


Colour                              Almost colourless to light Yellow colour


Odour                              The oil have characteristic odour resembling Rose and Geraniol


Indian Name                  Geranium Oil


Botanical Source          Pelargonium Gravellens


Physico-Chemical Properties: -


Specific Gravity               0.8837 To 0.8889


Optical Rotation              -7° To -13°


Refractive Index               1.4621 To 1.4680


Acid value                         5.04 to 7.98 

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