Best Quality of Frankincense Essential Oil
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Best Quality of Frankincense Essential Oil

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The frankincense tree has white flowers and they yield a natural gum resin that is extracted through steam distillation. Its extractions and oils are known for its soothing and woody fragrant aroma. Its aroma is said to be deeply beneficial in terms of psychological properties and it has aided and comforted mankind across time. Its use in a wide variety of spiritual and religious ceremonies, in the form of incense, bears witness to its antiquity. Pure frankincense oil is used today in a host of high-end cosmetic and medicinal products, and its effectiveness in skin rejuvenation therapies is undisputed. Frankincense essential oils are an integral part of both aroma and massage therapies around the world.

Frankincense oil was reputed to have divine healing properties, and indeed it maybe so when one sees the range of benefits that its users enjoy. Essential frankincense oil is an analgesic and has excellent cytophylatic properties that help in the growth of new skin cells. It is known to help expedite the healing of wounds and in the prevention of scarring. Direct application is used widely to diminish post-operative scarring as well. As it is a non-toxic, non-irritant oil, it can be applied to wounds directly as an antiseptic as well. Hence it is used in skin rejuvenation therapies as well as anti ageing products. Frankincense oil is used as neutralizing agent to return oily or dry skin back to normal, and is known to act on the sebum directly and hence effectively. Other frankincense oil skin treatments include toning and balancing the skin's natural production of sebum. It also improves cellular respiration of the skin lending itself as an ideal essential oil for mature, sensitive and any type of problem skin types.


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